Project Overview

The project is about designing calculating the electrical energy required to feed a remote home that is far away from the electrical grid. The energy required to this home will come from renewable energy of solar photovoltaic (PV) system. In the project, students will calculate the loads of the home as well as the number of PV cells required. After that they will run a simulation program to display the voltage, current and power for every node in the system. An appropriate design for storage batteries will be done to serve as a backup during night and in case of cloudy weather.

Courses with the corresponding ILO’s

    Engineering courses it serves and the relevant ILO’s

  • PEME 422: Power System Analysis
    • Use Power flow analysis.
  • Vocational courses it serves and the relevant ILO’s

  • Electric circuits
    • Calculate different types of loads.

Task Distrubitions