Project Overview

The objective and scope of this project is to create a control system that switches the lights of any system on detecting movement and remains off after fixed time. The controller checks peak time during which there is no traffic and switch OFF the lights. When there is any vehicle on the road, it is detected by the PIR sensor. Another way to this approach is, one can maintain minimum intensity without completely switching off the lights by using PWM and switch them on to maximum intensity whenever it detects the vehicle. But in this project the circuit is designed in such a way that lights are completely switched OFF and will be switched ON only when there is any vehicle.

Courses with the corresponding ILO’s

    Engineering courses it serves and the relevant ILO’s

  • COME424: Electrical Testing (4)
    • understanding of PCB layout and design.
    • Use special field/lab devices
  • Vocational courses it serves and the relevant ILO’s

  • Electrical Measurements and Electronics
    • Check electrical circuit wiring connections
    • Measuring electrical signals.

Task Distrubitions