Project Overview

The project is about regulating the voltage of a distribution system using reactive power supports. In the project, students will understand the different sources of reactive power support for voltage regulation. Concentration will be on the STATCOM and the reactive power from PV inverter. Different types of PV inverters will be proposed and the most appropriate one will be chosen. Finally, a comparison between reactive power support from PV inverter and STATCOM will be drawn.

Courses with the corresponding ILO’s

    Engineering courses it serves

  • PEME 422: Power System Analysis
    • Calculate the voltage as a function of reactive power.
    PEME 424: Electrical Testing (4)
    • Design the PV inverter and STATCOM.
  • Vocational courses it serves and the relevant ILO’s

  • Power Electronics
    • Calculate reactive power generated by STATCOM.

Task Distrubitions