Project Overview

The project is about designing a water pumping for irrigation. This water pump is fed from a PV power and is suitable for desert and faraway lands from electrical grid. The idea from the project is to benefit from the plenty of sun radiation in desert land in building a PV system. this can reduce the cost of buying electricity from grid as well as help in reducing the pollution from diesel engines. During night times, irrigation can be performed from a great reservoir which is filled at the daytime when water is not required for irrigations.

Courses with the corresponding ILO’s

    Engineering courses it serves

  • PEME 326: Energy Conversion and Utilization
    • Design the size of PV cells and storage tank.
    PEME 323: Electrical Testing (3)
    • Calculate power required from PV system.
  • Vocational courses it serves and the relevant ILO’s

  • Electrical Power
    • Calculate power required from PV system.

Task Distrubitions